6 Inexpensive Gadgets For Your Kitchen

6 Inexpensive Gadgets for your kitchen that will make it easier for you in the kitchen.

[1] A Salt Cellar
Shaker be gone!  The best way to control your salt intake is to get up close with how much you are using.  Keep your salt in a small dish on the counter by your cooking area so you can grab a pinch at a time for what ever is cooking.

[2] A Mini Chopper
Some might dismiss the mini chopper as an unnecessary gadget but it has 2 great functions in my kitchen.  It keeps the tears from my eyes when chopping onions and it lets my grandchildren be part of cooking time in the kitchen by safely allowing them the joy of helping Grammy cook.

[3] An Oven Thermometer
When you turn your oven on at 350 degrees, how do you know for sure it’s 350 degrees?  The only way to be sure and not ruin dinner is with an oven thermometer.  Don’t turn your oven on without one.

[4] A Mandoline
No, I’m not talking about the musical instrument but a slicer.  It will slice, dice, julienne or waffle cut it’s way right into your heart.  This one tool will make you look like the king or queen of the kitchen in any household.

[5] A Silicone Spatula
For anyone who has melted a plastic spatula in a pan of scrambled eggs, this is the spatula for you.  It’s soft to the touch but will not melt in your non stick pans while using them.

[6] A Glass Jar
The most used gadget in my kitchen is a clean glass jar.  I can use it to make salad dressing for dinner or to store old cooking oil to cool before disposing of it.  No matter the kitchen or family size, nothing is handier than a empty pickle jar.  I always keep one or two on hand.