About Hassie and Faylee

About Hassie

This site is named for my mother Hassie.  She passed away over 7 years ago but left behind many great recipes, which are a treasure for those who loved her.  She adored cooking for her friends and family, so we hope you find pleasure in hearing the stories of her life and eating the foods from her recipes.

Hassie was a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother.
She loved laughing more than crying and enjoyed spreading her cheer where ever she went.  She outlived all three of her husbands and was looking for number four when she passed.

Of all her joys, she loved cooking for her family and friends most of all.  If you knew you were passing by Miss Hassie’s house, you also knew not to eat before you got there because you’d be eating before you left.  It was her way of showing love.

She didn’t have a college education but was full of her country wisdom.  Things she had learned from her parents and grandparents which came by way of their parents.

Mother could stop bleeding by reciting words she learned from her grandmother, could cure athletes foot with the bark of a walnut tree, enrich your blood with tonics and greens, take off warts and help you find your true love, all in one afternoon.  Then she would take you to the kitchen and feed you.

The recipes and ideas we will be passing on to you will bring joy to your heart and kitchen table.  Just as Miss Hassie did while she was here on Earth.
About Fay
I am her daughter, Faylee or Fay as most call me.  I, too find pleasure in cooking and trying new recipes.  My hope is to pass along to you many good ideas and tips on how to provide for your families, in the way that, my mother, Hassie did.

She was a single mother for most of my growing years. Hassie didn’t have the best education but she did wonders with what she had. She was a quick learner and more importantly a doer.  There was little she wouldn’t try and succeeded with most of them.  I can only pray that I have enough of her in me, to do justice to her recipes and tips, that I’ll be passing on to you.

I welcome you to come along on this journey, as we travel through Hassie’s life, learning how to live better on less while enjoying life’s treasures more.