Shopping during back to school savings time, can mean large saving for the family, not just for the children that are going back to school.  It seems, most stores use this time of year as a way to get you to buy more by offering you some great saving on household items.   If that is true in your area, now is the time to be looking at bedding, furniture, electronic items plus home office supplies.  

back to school savings

I do my best to buy my yearly office needs during back to school savings time.  This week alone, I can find packages of 10 pencils for 50 cents, 10 pens for 75 cents and 3 reams of computer paper for less than $10.00. All of these on top of writing tablets, markers, other computer supplies and in most places, even the computer will sell for its lowest price of the year.  

Back to School savings are not limited to office supplies or what we think of as things just for the everyday school use. Even when you do not have school age children, back to school saving time, should be an exciting time of the year for a frugal shopper. 

If you have been thinking it’s time to redo a bed or bathroom, now is the time to get around to it.  Department stores will be offering deluxe bedding at regular bedding prices.  Towels and matching wash cloths will be offered in all the latest colors and sizes at their best price of the year.

You should be able to find small refrigerators, office furniture, and microwaves at remarkable savings, too.

It’s not to early to think about holiday shopping either. Make your list of who has been naughty or nice and start working on it, before the prices go back up.  So don’t be shy, read those sale papers, cut out those coupons and go buy, while the back to school savings prices are right for you and your budget.

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