Smart Cooking Tips For Smart Cooks

Learning small helpful cooking tips can make us all smarter cooks. Cooking is only as hard as we make it. Spending more money to make better recipes is not always the best way. Most often it’s all in our know how of doing things that keeps more money in our budget and better food on our tables. Hopefully these food and cooking tips will lead you to a better way of doing things in the kitchen.

[1]  When storing, make sure fruits and veggies are stored in a refrigerator no warmer than 40-42 F.

cooking tips for smart cooks

[2]  Wash your fruit and veggies before peeling, not after. Too much risk of contaminating the knife, if you wash after. Here’s a thought, why not eat the peeling too? It’s a known fact that most of the vitamins are in the peelings. Take advantage of getting the extra nutrition and fiber.  Don’t forget to wash your knife before moving on to another food item.

[3]  Fill your sink or large bowl and soak veggies like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower in cold water for at least three minutes to make sure contaminants are released. Cut the stem off the cabbage to allow the water to get between the leaves. If you aren’t using them right away, spread a clean towel and allow them to drain and dry before putting them away.

[4]  To keep your cauliflower white, add a splash of milk to salted water when cooking . Rinse momentarily in cold water before serving.

[5]  To make your mashed potatoes fluffier, dry the cooked potatoes before mashing by returning them to the pan after draining. Add the cover and let them sit on turned-off burner for 5 min. The heat will continue to evaporate the water.

[6]  To keep your fresh herbs fresh, stand the stems in a glass of water and store in your refrigerator door. They shouldn’t go limp and will stay fresher longer. Placing a loose fitting plastic bag over the top will also help.

[7]  Saving leftover sauce in ice cube trays is an easy way to keep food costs down. When frozen, add to zipped bag of same type of sauce cubes. Reheat and use for quick dishes or drop a couple in your next soup mix for added flavor.

Every cook has their own list of cooking tips to share with other smart cooks.  The next time you need an excuse for a get together, have a cooking tips for smart cooks party.  Don’t forget to provide pen and paper for all the guest and yourself.